Intelliware Roadmap

IT projects are notorious for being difficult to execute and analysis is critical to determine where to start.  But often, the analysis phase results in a detached, analytical exercise with no clear outcome.   The Intelliware Roadmap provides a well thought-out, actionable plan for a successful outcome.

With an Intelliware™ Roadmap, we can help you get started.

Regardless of the organization, business objectives or technology, our Roadmap process delivers actionable plans that drive results.  The process scales to fit a range of projects – from large-scale enterprise applications, to new product development versioning, to mobile solutions.

Invest wisely in planning and you’ll continue to reap the rewards.
Our Roadmaps are used extensively by our clients to help secure funding, get project approvals, and start projects with confidence.

Top 5 things to consider when planning an IT project

  1. Review and assess your existing applications and technologies to find out what needs to be replaced, re-designed or re-used.
  2. Understand the goals and objectives of your business — review all strategic and tactical plans and conduct interviews and/or workshops with your business stakeholders.
  3. Determine how to appropriately assess and balance the business and technical forces throughout the process – put processes in place so that one doesn’t override the other.
  4. Consider the ways in which the application will be implemented and used by all audiences.
  5. Consider the ways in which the business will grow or change (organically vs. acquisition, new products vs. new markets, etc.) as this plays a key role in designing for the future

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